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The Borgota Atlantic City – Go With Your Instincts
As Atlantic City comes closer to legalizing online gambling, we have to bear in mind that properties such as the Borgota are probably going to be competing with Harrah's and Trump to offer online services to you too.
Showboat - The Mardi Gras Casino; Another Harrah's
Everywhere in Atlantic City, you will find Harrah's owned hotel and casino properties. They are the worlds leading brand in this industry and the Showboat - Mardi Gras Casino is another Harrah's.
Atlantic City Hilton - Unwavering Commitment To Style
The Atlantic City Hilton Casino Resort is another of the world-class hotel/casinos on the Boardwalk, surveying the picturesque Atlantic Ocean. It is also a major player involved in the beleaguered casino industry of this state.
Trump Taj Mahal, Atlantic City – Voted Best Casino
Voted "Best Casino" by Casino Player Magazine, the Trump Taj Mahal, Atlantic City could be being voted the "Best Online Casino" in the not too distant future.
Tropicana Casino – Let Loose and Get It Online!
New Jersey is step by step getting closer to making online gambling completely legal, and in terms of the Senator Ray Lesniak bill; residents of New Jersey and foreigners would be able to use these sites, but there would be no quid pro quo for European and UK operators?
Harrah's A Legacy In The Casino Industry
Harrah's is certainly one of the largest casino operators globally, they own fifty properties in this industry, on five continents and these are all familiar brands – does Ballys, Horseshoe, London Clubs International, Caesars, Harrah's, WSOP ring any bells with you?
Caesars Atlantic City – Where Adventure and Luxury Meet
There are a number of Harrah's resort and casinos in and around Atlantic City, but Caesars is the ultimate meeting place for adventure and luxury. Imagine if you could get all of this online?
Bally's Boardwalk, Atlantic City – Always a Sure Bet!
Explore a world of entertainment at Bally's Boardwalk, Atlantic City; another of the world-famous Harrah's hotel/casino properties. Smaller and online casinos are about to become a reality for New Jersey operators and residents, as this is the first state to look UIGEA in the eye and get online gambling legalized.
Trump Marina, Atlantic City – Anything But Ordinary
It has been big in the news and now it has happened, New Jersey is the first state in the US to have been "nearly" legalized for online gambling. Early last week Senator Ray Lesniak’s Bill was voted; 29 for to 5 against.
Trump Plaza - Atlantic City’s Refreshing Escape
While the Trump Plaza may be Atlantic City's refreshing escape, just think what a casino like this could offer players if it went online?
Glossary – Online Slots Jargon Buster
Online slots and casino terms explained for beginners.
Online Slot Machines – Articles and Reviews
Online slots articles and reviews written by professional authors.
Online Casino Deposit Methods– Money Matters
Most common casino payment methods available on the internet.
Online Casino Beginners Guide – Where do I Begin?
Do you answer YES to any of the following questions?
- Are you new to online gambling?
- Do you find casino bonuses and promotions confusing?
- Are you concerned about using your credit card online?
- Do you feel worried about submitting your personal details to online casinos?
Online Slots News - Casino Press News - Submit Press Release
SuperFreeSlots are dedicated to provide online gambling and casino news accurately and promptly. Being in the know is the biggest step you can take in order to improve your chances of winning at online slot games. Our news pages will bring you the most up-to-date news and developments in the industry.
Online Slots Winner Stories – Does Anybody Really Win the Progressives?
Online casinos and gambling portals promote online slots that offer massive amounts of jackpots which are really hard to believe. Especially progressive jackpot slots sometimes have prizes in the region of millions of pounds!
Gambling Problems and Protection of Children
Gambling addiction has biological bases. Recent evidence indicates that pathological gambling is an addiction similar to chemical addiction such as smoking or alcohol. It has been seen that some pathological gamblers have lower levels of norepinephrine, a stress hormone that affects parts of the brain where attention and responding actions are controlled.
Online Slots Tournaments – Show me the Freerolls!
Slots tournaments are an important part of land-based casinos but they’re slowly increasing in popularity in the online area as well.
Slots Payout Tables – Finding Loose Slots Online!
The terms “loose” and “tight” slot machines are most common to the land-based casinos but in the online business, they usually refer to the payout ratios of the games. In land-based casinos, you’ll see those strange people walking around seemingly aimlessly watching other players. Those people are in fact watching slot machine players and trying to figure out which slot machine pays out more frequently. Whether or not this is a winning tactic in physical casinos, it sure works differently in the world of internet gaming.
Slots Tips – Proven Methods to Help You Win More!
As with all games of chance, there are proven methods to increase your possibility of winning but there’s no single method that ensures a guaranteed win. You’ll win some and lose some. The most important thing is to know when it’s time to stop without getting carried away by your losses or playing more with your winnings to see if you can hit the jackpot again!
How To Play Online Slots – Beginner’s Guide to Slot Machines
The rules of the game in online slot machines are very simple. Traditional slot machines consist of a number of reels with different symbols, numbers or pictures on them. The player is asked to insert a coin and pull the handle to start the spinning. Once the spinning stops, the reels will display a random combination of symbols which will determine whether the player has won anything. There’s no separate procedure to claim your winnings, the slot machine will simply pay you your winnings right there and then!
History of Slot Machines
The first ever slot machine was invented by Charles Fey in San Francisco USA in 1887 who was in fact a mechanic and wanted to come up with something to entertain his customers while their cars were being repaired. That’s when he invented the game machine which was then called the “one-armed bandit”.
History of Online Slot Games
With the arrival of internet, the success of slot machines were superseded by online slots and the game’s popularity as well as its variety shot through the roof. Slots are no longer confined to bars and pubs. People hardly ever go to a land-based casino to play online slot machines. They’re virtually available to play anytime and anywhere thanks to online slots, mobile slots, downloadable ones, flash versions, mini slots, multi-spin slots, video slots, progressives and so on.
New to Slots - SuperFreeSlots and Online Slot Games
Online Slots are without a doubt the most popular game on the web and with so many variations, entertaining themes, colourful graphics and the chance of winning massive jackpots, it’s no wonder so many online bingo players occasionally try their luck at online slots.
Slots Strategies - Can You Beat Slot Machines?
Online slot machines are based purely on mathematical probability calculations and don’t let this concept scare you. Your kids at school will easily tell you that this is just a simple number that shows the likelihood of winning.